Friday, October 23, 2009

Nursing Tops

And because of GT entry, I decided to post some cute tops that can be converted to a nursing tops (bookmark this entry Jade and Niko , you will be needing this soon). Most of you may wonder how I can breastfeed on the dress I posted.. uh well.. the dress is a button up kind that is.

And here are some more tops where discreet breastfeeding is possible..

Just like my mareng Fedhz I am all for breastfeeding.. although I support breastfeeding, I am not against moms (like Kaye) who cannot breastfeed that long, they have their reasons I know.. as for me, the only thing I hate about breastfeeding is I cannot wear something fashionable, but when I discovered that I can do nursing tops, there is no reason why not to breastfeed..


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