Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Couples Corner: Mr and Mrs

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I am pehpot and you know that by now. He is cata and though most of you does not know him,
he has been on my blog more than once (and hey he was once a lurker like you).

I am 27 and he was 33, yep 6 years age difference but he says he feels like I treat him like a child most of the time (must stop reprimanding)

He is a software developer, I am a full time mom. He says he wants a stay at home wife, I
say I want a working husband while I wait (for our allowance) with the kids on the house. We're perfect for each other!

He is objective and I am subjective. And it does good on our relationship. when he is too
objective, I inject some emotions on him and when I am to subjective, he injects some logic
to my senses.

He is an introvert and I am extrovert. Yup, he never likes occasions and gatherings. he is not
shy, he just don't like it.

If there is a thing that we both agreed, that's the fact that we are different from each other.

Wanna know more about us, then watch for my next Couples Corner entries :)


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