Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Couples Corner: The Day We Met

Rodliz’s Nest

This week theme for Couples Corner is the day we met and the day we became an item.. yay!

I was a member of a sorority and he was a member of our fraternity counterpart. It was Nov 14
(or something) when a frat brother celebrated his birthday on their house in QC. He was on leave (in school) then so I never met him before. When he arrived, somebody says he already has a wife and three kids and by the way he looks, we believed so. We met again sometime November and I kept thinking about him (syet na malagket, inlababo ata ako!!). It was January of 2000 when I relaized I really really like him. He was focused on a girl then (wawa) and he completely ignores me.

It would be too gross if I will give you a detailed account of how I did EVERYTHING to GET HIM. Now we both agreed that he is the one who wooed me, er, I made him say that.. nyahaha.. Seriously I am still proud to say that I made him mine which he would say, I was just lucky he was a willing victim then.... which would end up in a petty (and funny) fight, which would end up in...

*wink *wink


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