Thursday, October 22, 2009

GT: Dress Me Up

Excuses, excuses.. still no good connection at home but my Mareng Niko is very demanding.. LOL ( I wonder why Fedhz is not joining GT..). And though this is a bit late (back dated post nyahaha), here is my entry for GT, the theme by the way is about favorite dress.. (Kaye, I wanna see your entry!!)

Though I am a real tomboy (hubby says I am the man in he house, I do carpentry and all..) I so looove wearing dress. I feel, uhmm, girly? This will be my last few days wearing one. Yesterday I already changed my wardrobe. Put away my maternity clothes (which are mostly non maternity dress) and take out my nursing clothes (mostly button up shirts). Wearing a dress while breastfeeding would be impossible right? er not quite, because I have one dress where breastfeeding is a breeze..

In this pic I was 2 or 3 weeks pregnant with Chico.. and yes, I can breastfeed using this one too..

This is also one of my favorite dress, was 6 months with Chico, and yes that bag is my fave bag

And remember this she blogs off with mareng Jade? I also love the dress I was wearing but hubby does not like it that much.. ask the other she bloggers why.. LOL

so how do you wanna play dress up with other girls? click on the badge to see more :)


nikogirl said...

hahahh i know the reason! i told you nga ang baet ng hubby mo kasi nakalabas ka ng bahay suot yan! :)

and i still remember the exact words u said! :) LOL ka tlga..

i love ur clothes mare! pinakagusto ko ung number 1.. lam ko ung pose na yan kunyari stolen diba? LOL hahhahah

Yami said...

If ever i will need you photo for a future post perhaps i will grab the first one. Womanly ang dating sa akin. :)

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