Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Couples Corner: First Misunderstanding

Rodliz’s Nest

This is like a telenova.. haha.. abangan ang susunod na kabanata style eh.. I have to say kuddos to Liz for gving this kind of meme. Congrats Marce! Remember my entry last week? That some of his relatives treats me like I was nobody (and that includes MIL).. This is our first biggest misunderstanding.. well actually not OUR misunderstanding but more like our first "drama" being a man and wife. I really can't remember the exact things tat happened but I remember I was depressed and I texted him. It has something to do with the way his relatives are treating him. He was so angry and frustrated... he is because with our situation we just can't go and live somewhere else and at the same he is worried about me. He called me and I can sense form his voice his frustrations. And so to pacify him..I just said it's OK (it is still not but I am beginning to understand our situation then)..

And for our REAL away.. our first son is a colic boy.. and he goes to work and travel 2 hours to go there and another 2 to be with us.. we lived in Valenzuela then and he works in Ortigas. Just imagine how tired he can be when he got home.. and then at night he still need to play daddy to his boy, pacifying the baby and helping me. So he really is tired most of the times. But he has this annoying hobby.. of not washing his feet before he goes to sleep. One night, I saw his feet as dark as black and since I am dead tired reminding him to wash it before sleeping, I put a plastic bag on his feet. he woke up and was damn mad at me.. At the middle of the night we were shouting at each other. Inside, I felt triumphant because I knew he would learn his lesson through it. After that, he never sleeps without washing his feet.. but how did our shouting stopped? wait until next week.. LOL


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