Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TCP: Pursuit of Happyness

Another day for the movie meme, Tuesday Couch Potato. I like this meme as it always challenge me to write a good story about a certain movie that I like. This week's theme is all about drama. If it has been any movie that makes you cry, my list would be endless as I am really a cry baby (yes it's true Niko).

I was really intrigued by a certain drama/romance movie that Kaye mentioned in her blog a few months ago but I can't remember it and I did not have the time to watch it.. Anyway, for this theme, my entry is Pursuit of Happyness.

Pursuit of Happynes is a story about Chris Gardner and his quest for a more stable life. He invested his savings in a device called bone density scanner. A machine much like an xray but twice the price. Selling it was not easy and their finances collapsed. His wife left him with their son, Christopher. He was homeless and he survive day by day trying to sell the machines. He also applied for a job as stock broker. He went through 6 months of training without pay. They spend nights on abandoned buildings, streets and anywhere else where they can sleep. It was difficult but he was very determined to make it and keep his promise to his son.

The movie is heavy drama. I cried a river while watching it. The struggles of the main characters are unimaginable. I remember a scene where they spend a night on a bathroom. You can see how difficult it is for the father. It was also very evident how he tried so hard just to give his son a good life. It makes you wish that all fathers are like him..

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kikamz said...

i loved this movie a lot too! i surely cried a river while watching this one. the perfect father there is, who would do everything to give his son a better life. and his sacrifices are all worth it because his efforts did pay off in the end.

thanks for joining us this week mommy pehpot. next week, we will go western, cowboy style. till then, hugs and happy tcp.

p.s. am praying for your safe delivery. God bless u and sati.

Yami said...

isa lang masasabi ko tulo sipon ng asawa ko dito. Five star rating ko dito.

Yami said...

isa lang masasabi ko tulo sipon ng asawa ko dito. Five star rating ko dito.

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