Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Couples Corner: Shopping With Him

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This week theme for Couples Corner is SHOPPING, shopping before you relationship and shopping after.

I love shopping, but not for myself. I love shopping for the people I love. When I am still single, I love shopping for my siblings and my mom. Occasionally I shop for myself but not clothes or shoes but school supplies. I am kinda addicted to the smell of fresh notebooks and paper. Instead of buying clothes, I indulge myself with papers.

Now that we are married or even during the time that we are still living together, my shopping attitude is still the same. I love it and I love doing it for him. I would shop for his clothes and his need. of course now that we have kids, my priority are the kids. But last week, I received an IM message from him:

hubby: mommy
hubby: gusto mo ba ng damit
hubby: bibilhan kita
hubby: mommy
hubby: bigyan kita budget
hubby: magkano gusto mo

And later that day, he told me his IM account was hacked!

Nyahaha.. he was trying to fool me, but he eventually give in and gave his promised "budget" for me. I ended up buying clothes for my kids instead of me.. waaah...although I got me two new pair of shorts as I can no longer fit in my old clothes LOL

Told you, I love shopping.. how about you?


Mom of Four said...

Kahit pala noon, mahilig ka ng magsulat, hehehe. Parang ang sarap naman ng i IM ka ng hubby tapos sasabihan kang bibigyan ka ng "budget" pang shopping, bakit kaya hubby ko ni hindi man lang tinatanong kung ano ang gusto ko. Sabi ko nga bilhan niya ako ng deep fryer eh, tapos kako ibalot, aba eh bakit di ko pa raw binili, saka binalot, hehehe.

Mare, kapag may hawak na tayong pera, puro mga anak na lang ang naiisip natin, la na para sa sarili natin..Hay, buhay ng nanay.

teJan said...

hahhahah!! iba klase ka din dear..mahilig lka shopping sa iba.. hehe, I have a friend, she 's good to shop for other's but don't know how for herself! hehe.

good you have your husband and kids noe to shop for!

happy CC... I'll do mine later tonight;)

Clarissa said...

hahahaaa!!Ganyan din ako,nauuwi sa wala pag meron akong gusto para sa sarili ko pero di ko mabili kung meron akong nagustuhan para sa kids lol.\(^0^)/

anne said...

wahh I don't know how to shoppe un bang u need ure friends advice pa whats the best for u whahh

Manang Kim said...

Naku sa totoo lang mga hubby natin eh napaka-swerte, sila ang nasasaisip natin pag we are doing some shopping hehe. Kaya loves nila tayo diba? They feel our sincerity, our care and love to them. Happy weekend!

CC~shopping galore

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