Monday, January 11, 2010

Showtime Suspended: Osang To Be Blamed

My favorite noon time show, It's Showtime is suspended for 20 days by the MTRCB. 20 days without It's Showtime? whaaat!?! I can't live without it! Apparently, one of the judges made nasty comments about teachers. Rosanna Roces, commented on one of the contestants. Here are the videos of the said incident

Well it seems, that Miss Osang is just bragging her "knowledge" about Rizal and who cares? Does it give you the right to say bad things to your teacher? According to her, she cursed (minura) her teachers because of that Rizal thing. She also mentioned that teachers are not telling the truth. Maybe some, but not all. Osang, it's not their fault that you failed in GOOD MANNERS. Stop eating ampalaya, will yah?

I feel for the people behind It's Showtime, they have been doing the best they can to entertain us and Osang pulled them down. This incident should serve as a lesson to show producers, don't ever invite Osang again.


Anonymous said...

Kainis talaga si Rosanna Roces... join kayo sa Facebook Hate Club para makita nya hinanapan niya!

Hazel said...

Hello Mareng Pehpot, salamat sa pag post nito. It's early morning here and I'm dreaming of pandesal. Since I know pipe dream ang mainit na pandesal na to nag-almusal nalang ako ng kagandahan ni Osang, hahahah! Someone told me Osang's former classmates were interviewed about her and they all said she's boba. Osang reportedly shot back, "saan sila ngayon?" "sikat ba sila?" "may pera ba sila?"

Hay naku, keep on arguing with a low life.

Thank goodness for Vice Ganda's comment - "hwag natin lahatin" and I agree with that.

Hugs to beautiful Sati!

Karen said...

Grabe, my mom is a college professor. I feel for all the teachers. Hindi naman lahat no! Masyado naman nyan ni-generalized ang teachers. No breeding at all itong si Osang. Psshh!

Tetcha said...

The suspension of ShowTime came as a surprise to me when I read it in the news. Sayang, very lively pa naman ang show. By the way, how do I transfer 1,000 credits to your EC account c/o Gene's blogversary contest?

Mga Epal said...

Nagulat talaga kami njung sabihin nyang minura nya ang titser nya.. akalain mo, pumapasok pala sha noon!

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