Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Couples Corner: Honesty

Rodliz’s Nest

Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue. Honesty is hardly ever heard. And mostly what I need from you..

Hoy, that's not my entry.. just need to let it out.. I am having an LSS here waaaah..

Seriously..I am very honest with my hubby and he on me. The word secret does not involve in our vocabulary (oh well except for times when he would ask or I would ask him if we have other "plans" for tonight, that's the only time that the word secret is used). I really can't keep a secret from him and I know he too cannot keep any information from me.

He is trying to quit smoking or rather I was forcing him to quit the habit. Even if he goes to the office and I could not see if he is smoking or not, he would tell me, if he smoked a stick or two. I, on the other hand, is very true to him. He knows how much moolah I have in my paypal. He knows where I got my moolah and he even knows who is the husband of some of my marce (that's Paul, Mike and Rey). He even knows what avatar Mike is using LOL. I really have to tell him small things like that.

We both know we should never keep anything from each other. In fact we have no privacy at all and suits us both. He knows my stuffs (even my password) and I know his stuffs too. Even when he goes out at night, he would tell me where he has been. Oh yeah, I know everything about AF1 and the likes. It's creepy at times but we just looove stalking at each other.LOL


Seiko said...

Ang cute ng entrance ng entry mo here in CC ah Marce.Napapakanta ka pa talaga.
Like you I'm so honest din kay pare mo (Yasuyuki).W/c I believe na dapat lang para mas tumagal & maging mas matibay ang relationship.
Btw,thanks for the visit Mare,hindi ako masyado nakakadalaw,marami ng preparations para sa wedding ng eldest ko,added here my allergy.I'm still suffering from it.Sana nga matapos na ang spring.
I like your entry Mare as in napakanta din ako.God Bless Marce!
Hugs & kisses to Sati & the boys (big grin).

Thanks for the correction (grin)
inaantok na nga ako habang ginagawa ko yun.Groggy kasi everyday akong nagte-take ng drugs for my allergy.I-correct mo rin mga wrong grammar ko Marce,para naman ma-improve ako kagaya mo (big grin).Have a great day Marce!'ve got to go now!Hugs!

anne said...

uhmm what is LSS? hehehe mine is up an dits here thanks

Mommy Liz said...

Password and moolah. Very important matter that HONESTY plays an important role. Kapag nagtago na ng password, meaning bad thing is about to happen, hehehe.

Dito sa amin, di pwedeng may hidden password, although di ko alam i retrieve, si fahfah, alam. kaya, alaws talaga secret. saka yang dishonesty, nakakasira ng pagsasama ng mag asawa.

Rossel said...

we are using the word "secret" too in same situation as yours, lol!

honesty is undoubtedly the best policy. kaya nga ba pati password ng paypal ko at atm ng bawat isa e alam namin pareho. di tuloy makapangupit, ehehe!

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kikamz said...

naku, ung secret na word na yan is my idea of a surprise. hehe! korek mare, dapat alam ni hubby magkano pera natin sa paypal at alam rin natin passwords nila. not that we are prying... :D

ung tinatago ko lang kay hubby is kung ano yung plans ko of surprises for him. pero nabuko pa rin. naku, mahabang storya baket nabuko..

Polly said...

I have a surprise for you on my blog!!

sweet_shelo said...

wow, how I wish i would be that honest. I admire you for that sis. Honestly really is an important factor in a great relationship.

Clarissa said...

ako yata yung taong hinde marunong magsinungaling and if I ever tell one,madaling mabuking ng asawa ko lol!napakanta ako dun ah lol!

acmumcee said...

kinanta ko din habang binabasa ko.. hehe.. kame din iisa lang password namin.. so wala talang privacy.. di uso.. hehe..

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