Saturday, August 14, 2010

How To Start A Blog

I have been blogging for almost two years now. I have met a lot of people and also a lot of online gigs. When people asked me how I earn from being online all day, I find it hard to explain to them. It is easy to say that I earn but when they start to ask how, I am lost for words. Not exactly lost but find it hard to use words that non bloggers will understand. When I tell about hosting and where to avail of unlimited web hosting, they just cannot relate to what I am saying. But I am always willing to help and teach people how to earn online.

That is another reason why I have my tech blog aka help blog. As much as possible, I document there my struggles as a blogger. I also put there my tips and techniques on how to start blogging and how to earn from it. Other than that, I also share to my readers my payment proof, so they would know that I am not just blabbing. In a few more days to come, I might release a very comprehensive version on How one can start to blog with a bonus post on how a blogger can monetize their blog.


reyapot said...

this is a very interesting post.. and helpful too..

visiting u here sis.. i hope u can visit my blog too.. see u!

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