Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Couples Corner: Kiss And Make Up

Rodliz’s Nest

And picking up from our fight last week.. that night, after an hour of shouting and bickering at each other, he went to smoke a stick. After smoking, he was calmer and I was too.. so basically that's how our first fight ended. Before, when we have misunderstandings, or when we quarrel, I always fight back. I stress my point shouting.. which made our misunderstanding worse. Now I don't fight with him anymore. I knew now how to win my battle. So whenever we had a misunderstanding, I just keep my mouth shut and let him do the talking. After he is done and when he is calm, and he is trying to win me over.. or when he realized he was wrong (although he is not), that's the time that I do some real talking, pointing out his mistakes. It always worked.. the SILENT TREATMENT..

What made it worked is not the fact the I always win. It worked on us because during the time when his is angry, I knew that he won't listen to me. His mind is blocked by his madness. So I let him get over it and when his mind is clear (and when he can accept anything I say just so I will let him kiss me), I tell him what went wrong or I explain my side to him.


♡ N o r e e n said...

Hahahahaha :) Silent Treatment! It always works!!! ;)

Jenny said...

kakaiba talaga ang drama no?...atleast end up with hugs and kisses and everything is fine again

thanks for sharing

Mom of Four said...

ay naku tama si Noreen, Silent Treatment always works. Saka, ang nabasa ko yata minsan sa isang magazine eh, di magandang both parties eh galit, parang dapat yugn isa lang ang busa ng busa, tahimik lang ang isa, tapos kapag cool na ang isa, yungisa naman ang puputak ng puputak, ahahaha..ay, mali yata, dapat eh nag uusap di ba? hehehe.

Sabi nga sa akin ni Rodney minsan, kapag sumisigaw daw ako, lalo niya akong di maririnig, ngek! pwede ba yun? kaya kapag may misunderstanding kami, it's either siya or ako ang galit, kasi kapag nagalit siya, mas galit ako, kapag totoong galit siya, tahimik na ako, pero di ako nag so sorry..kapal kasi ng mukha ko eh, ehehehe..

eds said...

gusto ko yang tip na yan hehehe.. lagi nman talaga tayong winner kasi nga ewan ko ha kung ganun din kau pero i think mas patient ang mga husband kesa sa ating mga wifey.. bakit kaya? kasi ako moody ako. minsan nga pag may period kahit maliis na bagay ikinatatampo ko hehehe... anyway, matry yang tip mo. mukha ngang very effective..

heres mine >>

Clarissa said...

Silent treatment really works talaga--hinde pwede yung dalawa kayong putak ng putak talaga!!Walang mapupuntahan ang away kundi magiging worst pa.

sweet_shelo said...

I agree with you sis.. When you try to explain at the heat of the argument di talaga nya maintindihan yan.. so better let him calm.. Silent Treatment ha..

Late post ko:

Bambie dear ★ said...

yeah silent treatment din ang ginagawa ko lately unlike before na sasabyan ko talaga sya

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